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Why Apple Watch 4 Will Be the Biggest Smartwatch Upgrade in 2018

Apple watches outsold the whole Swiss watch industry by selling around 8 million watches during the last holiday quarter. We believe the trend is about to continue this year. What’s backing up our bet? The answer is the new Apple Watch series 4, rumored to be the biggest change in design ever.


It’s the speculation of upcoming Apple Watch 4. According to Macrumors, Apple is set to unveil the fourth generation of its smartwatch series – ‘Apple Watch 4’ this year along with iPhones and WatchOS 5 update.

From a new design to a longer battery life, you could be swayed away by the rumors. Here, we rounded everything you need to know about the latest Apple watch upgrade.

Apple Watch 4 – Release date and Price

Apple hasn’t officially announced the release date or price for Apple Watch 4 yet. However, you might be experiencing it in the nearing iPhone event planned this September.

Why? Our speculated reasons are:

  • Apple has released its last two generations during September of 2016 and 2017. So, it makes sense to follow the norm.
  • With the holiday quarter ahead, it’s a perfect time for hitting record-sales again.

Let’s jump right into the price of the new Apple Watch.

Price of Apple Watch 4 is expected to be higher than £329 / $329 / AU$459. You could be looking at greater price tags when it comes to 42mm or LTE connectivity variants. The mentioned prices are just estimates. After all, you can say when you only know what’s in the box for you!

Bigger display and Longer Battery Life


As you know, Apple hasn’t changed the smartwatches’ external design much so far. That’s about to change with Apple Watch 4. Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI analyst kicked off the speculations by reporting that the Apple’s series 4 smartwatches will likely to gleam with a revamped design.

Specifically, the analyst says there will be a thinner bezel with 15 percent larger display and a bigger battery capacity. In addition, Kuo noted that the sizes will be 1.57” and 1.78” for smaller and larger variants respectively.

Besides, we’ve seen patents for circular screens and self-adjusting straps from the Apple. But, they most likely to hit in the future; not with Apple Watch 4. Because Apple has been filing patents related to wearables for the past few years. In fact, the company filed a patent for display covering the face and band last year, according to Apple Patently.

Adding to the speculations, Fast Company outlined that Apple Watches will be getting haptic, solid-state buttons. The watch will stick to its current configurations, but instead of physically moving up and down, the new buttons will just vibrate under your fingertip.

Features and Specification of Apple Watch 4

As reported by 9to5Mac, KGI securities released an investor note which states that the circuit boards of Apple products (not exclusive to smartwatches) are expected to become more multi-faceted and fast. This means, saving internal spaces, stronger LTE, and other I/O connections.

Interestingly, Wearable detailed that the Apple S4 may have Face ID feature to enable you to unlock with a look. Again, it is based on a patent filed by the company. So, there’s no guarantee for you to try it this year.

Fitness Upgrade in Apple Watch 4


Apple smartwatches have been a useful tool for monitoring heart rates. But, they might become even smarter with the EKG technology. As per the source, Apple was developing an EKG or ECG (Electrocardiogram) technology to detect and report your heart rates more accurately.

With the recent digital health initiatives and monitoring tools, we can expect to see advanced versions of health tracking in Apple watch series. Also, known features such as top-rated heartbeat monitor, GPS tech, and swimming tracker with water resistance are included in the upcoming watch.

WatchOS 5 and Third-Party Integration

Apple Watch 4 will most likely to run on the recently announced WatchOS 5. As revealed at WWDC 2018, WatchOS 5 will feature upgraded Fitness App, new Siri watch faces, and first-ever Walkie-Talkie.

From competing with a friend through Activity App to talking to a contact (with Apple Watch) through Walkie-Talkie, WatchOS 5 is designed to make the Apple Watch series a lot more fun.

Most importantly, you may listen to Spotify on Apple Watch 4; with the help of StreamKit (may launch with a different name) – A framework which will allow Apple Watch to receive push notifications from the likes of Twitter. But, it isn’t clear how Spotify will make use of StreamKit to stream music or is there any need for StreamKit at all. Because iTunes streams music without the so-called StreamKit.

Also, 9to5Mac reported that there is a chance for third-party support for Apple watch faces. As we all know, Apple has never let anyone provide watch faces till now. You can see content from Pixar and Disney, at max.

Apple Watch 4 can easily be the best wearable the company has ever built. Although there are many impressive features, users would love to see circular options, better Siri, and greater connectivity. Let’s wait and see how the Apple is going to deliver.

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